Home Rules

Home Rules

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Around the table our group implements a few home brew kind of rules.

Weapon Crafting

The group right from the bat wanted the ability to build what they want and part of it was weapons. At first it was head numbing improvisation. After many tedious hours getting it right I present my Weapon Crafting System

The Hierarchy of the game

For the campaign we want to make sure we have the best experience possible and to do so we have to have our priorities straight. The order shows what takes up more importantce than the other. This hierarchy is adopted from a FistfullofDice.

  1. Fun
  2. Story
  3. Rules

Session Rules / Expectations
(As always there is Rule #0 which is the DM is always Right)

  1. Do Not Power Game
  2. Role Play!
  3. No Getting Super Upset For Taking a Punch
  4. No Random PvP
  5. Have Fun!

Home Rules

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