The Gods

The Gods are extremely powerful entities believed to have created the Known World and all that is within it. Many think believe that the Gods shape every day life while others believe they barely interfere with mortal affairs. Usually mortals have 1 patron god that they worship on a day to day basis but it is still seen acceptable to pray to a god who is not your patron god for help in tough times.

The list of Gods includes:

  • Adthon : King of the Gods
  • Isasis : Queen of the Gods
  • Lipra : Goddess of Fire, Forge, Anger & Envy
  • Apdes : God of Water, Travel & Flexibility
  • Tither : God of Rock / Stone, Buildings & Courage
  • Yuna : Goddess of the Sky, Weather & Lust
  • Ela : Goddess of Light, Sun & Charity
  • Sadum : God of Darkness, The Moons & Greed
  • Templa : God of Nature, Magic & the Elves
  • Aenta : Goddess of Mortals, Labor & Life (Animals)
  • Salin : God of Death, War, Decay, Lies & Shadows
  • Atyx : God of Life, Music, Healing, Justice & Knowledge


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