Cendeya Cendeya

Cendeya is the continent to the most Northwestern point in the Known World. It is surrounded by Sunset Sea which is rich in aquatic life. Cendeya is mainly populated by Elves. Cendeya is made up from 2 nations Elundor and Haylanta. The continent is the second smallest and takes up roughly only 793,600 square miles. The continent is not only united by race but as well by the worship of Templa.


Cendeya is a continent almost utterly populated by Elves and as most Elves worship Templa, Cendeya is mainly filled with shrines to their god. Cendeya is believed to have been made by the Templa after the separation of the Abzu. This is also is thought to be the origin place of the Elves. Due to this strongly held belief to this they are very hostile to outsiders with treatment going from constant mockery to murder in some very extreme cases. Not all Elves hold this belief as many are welcoming to outsiders.


Cendeya is very far north in the Known World so it is very lucky to be as warm as it is. It gets most of its heat from warm currents and winds from Carebisa and the Erewin Sea. The continent is primarily 2 types of areas. First is the tall beautiful mountains where the High Elves reside and Second is the dense wood land of the woodland where the Wood Elves occupy.

The north part of Cendeya is filled with large mountain ranges of gigantic stone spikes that are filled with large amounts of reservoirs that poor out and lead to huge frothing rivers and tall water falls that eventually enters the wood lands as small streams. Not many animals live in the mountain range but the ones who do are mainly mountain goats but there are rumors of dangerous beasts residing in the mountains. Not much plant life resides on the mountains themselves but near the river many of the deciduous trees of the wood elves and shrubs belonging to plains grow there.

The densely packed southern woodlands is where many of the Wood Elves live. The area is packed with old strong deciduous trees and is the only place in the Known World where Mystic Oak is found. The forest is not just teeming of plant life but many types of animals roaming the mystic Forrest.


The Continent is not only split north and south by geography but split as well by the border between Elundor and Haylanta. Though the nations have had wars in the past both get along and have an unspoken alliance.

Elundor in Elvish means the Kingdom of Starlight. This is due to the belief that the High Elves were Elves who tried to refine the fey magic of Templa and went to the northern mountains and studied the stars to figure out the first primitive arcane. With its roots in magic Elundor is a nation filled with schools of arcane and many great and powerful wizards.

Haylanta in Elvish means Shadow Fall. This is of course has to do with the woodlands of southern Cendeya which at points are densely wooded. The nation of Haylanta traces it’s roots back to the group of Elves who when shown fey magic by Templa then decided to protect it to the best of their abilities. Though they might be called primitive for their way of life for travelers weary enough their are rumors of massive cities of Wood Elves though there are no records of any such thing and the only kinds of Wood Elves we seen are the hunting tribes of them.

Guthra Ras

Guthra Ras is the center island of Cendeya. Though it is part of Elundor, Ellundor only has 1 small port town on it. This is due to the religious significance of the island. A group of early High Elves instead of wanting to unlock the power of the fey sought to destroy it. On the tallest peak of the island is where they betrayed Templa and then were cursed and turned into Drow. The Dark Elves now reside in caves under the black mountain peaks of Guthra Ras. Dark Elves as a whole don’t entirely embrace their seclusion as to many living through out the Known World, though many do. Both High Elves and Wood Elves resent their dark brethren.


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